The literal definition of a perfect man. He can be quiet at some times but he an absolute steal. He has money, brains, good looks, a nice body and is very fashionable and knows how to look good. But more importantly, inside his pants he packs a monster that will fill and satisfy any girl.
Azriel is sooo hot
Damn find me an Azriel
by Genie of truth August 26, 2019
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The meaning of Azriel is more of a process and experience. To have witness the presence of an Azriel within your lifetime, let alone have one talk to you must have been a gift from of the gods. Anyone with the name Azriel whether the colour of them is so so perfect, fit, smart, rich... just capable of stealing any girls away. Although he does come with a few haters because he is so sublime... but as G Eazy says he's a, "a diamond among uncut gems"
Azriel... omg Azriel!
I am so blessed to have witness talking to Azriel
by Genie of truth October 26, 2020
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A Gospel Rapper who is also a pastor in Kansas City, Mo.
"Did you hear that mixtape by Azriel yet? He's spits the Gospel!"
by KCR816 June 12, 2009
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The most amazing girl in your life. Funny, smart, amazing, gorgeous and just perfect in general. Someone you would be lucky to even know.
I just met the perfect girl. She's a total Azriel
by seanswag69 November 16, 2013
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Strong individual who can keep her self up and doesn’t need a man,but loves having one. Smart, Beautiful and bipolar as hell but you gotta love her ;)
Hello Azriel you certainly look beautiful today
by Love1013 April 11, 2018
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A extremely fine looking man with an amazing body that is smart and can come off cocky.
Last time I saw Azriel, he was in my bed.
by lucky hapa girl November 18, 2008
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In class 7b, macarthur adventist college hes funny and weird and random and good at basketball, also short
"yo is that stephen curry"
"nah thats azriel"
by IamYou_YouAreMe_AreU? September 9, 2019
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