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Every guys dreams. She's sweet, gentle, lovely, loyal and compassionate. Her lovely attitude and selflessness will attract any man to her. Sometimes, she may act crazy and unpredictable. However, her company is truly the best and bring joy to people. She loves all her friends and care deeply for her family. Having her in your life is truly a blessing and do know you have found a treasure.
She is such an Azlin. I'm always happy around her.
by The heaven December 30, 2017
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She such a fierce girl. A very emotional one but her heart can be fragile sometimes. She may looks like a city girls but in the meantime you can find the village girl value in her. She is beautiful gorgeous and wise. Sometimes also she could be a good empathizer.
A: Do you know Miss Azlin?
B: Oh! That fierce teacher. Everyone know her.
by Chordate April 23, 2018
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