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Is a girl who loves to make someone smile. She always tries to help and when she can't it breaks her heart. She hates it when her friends fight. She hates having to choose between people she cares for. She is smart and funny. She sometimes can seems like bitch when all she is trying to do is help! It is sometimes hard to understand her. Shes been through a lot in her life. She has a wonderful life and chooses her friends wisely. She has the most amazing friends and best friend! She loves to watch anime and party! People try and say shes ugly and bossy. Her friends help her see that she is beautiful no matter how she looks. She is a very rare person. She will do almost anything for just one friend! She loves a variety of music! She plays sports and instruments. She really loves to help and she always will shine! She is not afraid to go up on stage and sang and dance! She might say things she regrets and might hurt your feelings when she didn't mean to. She will always shine bright! She loves to sing and dance and act!! She might like white boys more than black boys or the other way around! she has very fragile heart and has very fragile feelings! She is a great PERSON!!!!!!
#sports #funny #smart #lovely #great

Azariah: hey

Friend 1: hey

Azariah: i love your outfit

friend 1 : Thanks , i love yours to

Azariah : no problem and yours is way better!
by Itz_Moka!!! MSP January 07, 2017
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shes a cute girl happy will make u smile funny dont like bullys
azariah says i will not be bulled for anyone
by abbbda123 November 23, 2013
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Azariah is a pretty girl that everybody wants , she can't choose between her friends it will hurt her heart. She's short and has style she makes people laugh she's very smart and she is a little freak . She can be a little stubborn at time but always make time for her friend's!
Azariah wanna get something to eat ?

Sure !
by Azariahh May 18, 2018
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Azariah is pretty and has a boyfriend name Markese she can fight she’s popular everyone hate on her cause she cute and there ugly and just mad cause she does what she does 😍 she can dance she not afraid to stand up to somebody she says mean things and takes them back because she doesn’t mean them every one loves Azariah 😍
Azariah is so pretty I don’t like Azariah
by Hankj May 21, 2018
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Such a pretty girl. Azariah is sensitive but her emotional side is never visible. She’s endured a lot but never intentionally burdens anyone. Her personality is interesting if she allows you to get close. Sometimes she seems complicated and very nonchalant, that’s her though. Her self reliance and integrity is admired.
Azariah-help from god
by Vitality’s April 16, 2019
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is the type of guy to fu*k yo bit*h and then leave you the sloppy seconds.he always has more money than you and will pull your bitch anytime he wants and is always better than you (((((FACTS)))))
an Azariah will always have more hoes than you
by bootypounder69 azariah January 18, 2019
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