A quirky girl who is a total introvert. She usually has a pleasant hobby such as art or music. Don't judge her by her cover because as soon as you get to know her you'll figure out how nice (and/or crazy) she actually is.
Guy1: Azalea totally ingnored me today.
Guy2: Probably because she doesn't like you.
by LRW4dawin August 7, 2018
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Azalea is a very pretty type of 🌺.
Azalea is also a very loyal and humerous friend!
"Did you see Azalea today?"
Or: "Those Azalea flowers are beautiful!"
by N❤️ June 28, 2017
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A pretty young thing with a hell of a personality. A very committed person when she puts her mind to something. Organized, loyal, determined, proud, stong, beautiful, and great in the bed. guys fall for her here and there for her looks and hot but innocent front she puts up. shes the sexy business girl in the office, but when she comes home all she wants to do is sit down with her boyfriend with a bowl of popcorn and a movie. a chill girl and everyone wants to be her friend. Will do anything to make everyone around her happy.. best personality all around and an outstanding body.
Boy: Dayum, what i would do to her...
Azaleas boyfriend: You wanna lose a tooth? shes mine
Boy: hey im just saying. Better watch out or someone might take her from you
Azaleas boyfriend: nah, she wouldnt leave me. shes too loyal
by relaxanddrinksomevodka November 30, 2013
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A girl who is an Introvert and loud with her friends and will KILL FOR U literally in her eyes the only law is "don't get caught" even with her rebellious personality she is kind and sweet she is extremely smart but lazy tends to either turn it in late or not do it at all and is kind of a slob but always knows where everything is. Even tho she is quiet rebel she will be really kind and sweet and makes lots of jokes some dark because she will have a very dark humor is u find yourself an Azalea dont betray her or there wont only be fake backstabbing but she will protect you no matter what
Friend:Hey Azalea
Azalea:what's up dumbass
Friend:........ I hate u

Azalea:I know u love me👌
by CHIPOTLE'S October 18, 2019
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A lovely girl with no bad intentions whatsoever. A girl thats one of a kind and rare to find. Shes outgoing, straightforward, and passionate. Shes very intimidating.
Ex: Azalea im sorry
Azalea: what does sorry mean!?
by exoticazaleas June 21, 2017
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Azalea is a petite, lightskin curly head, with bracesand a girl with with a big heart. Shes extremely thoughtful and very humorous, and loves sarcasm. She prefers tall dudes who hoop...bc hoopers win! She studies a lot and loves music. She is a very sensitive person and very energetic. She's also the type to drink coffee every morning~Azalea
Them: Azalea so funny and full of energy lol!
Azalea: ...Laughss!
by Vaedazal November 22, 2018
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She is a character from Sorcerous Stabber Orphen. Azalea was one of the prodigies of the Kiba no Tou, nicknamed the "Majou"(Witch) for her skill in Black Magic. Azalea and Orphen were very close, and he idolized her. She was transformed into the Bloody August by "a terrible mistake" five years before the anime series began, and now hunts for the Sword of Balt Anders, which she believes can turn her back into a human.
by Samurai Katsu September 17, 2003
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