He is the main character of Sorcerous Stabber Orphen anime. Orphen is a wandering "kuromajutsushi"(Black Sorcerer) who travels from town to town seemingly without any real purpose. He wears the dragon pendant which marks him as a graduate of the famous magic school, the Kiba no Tou(Fang Tower) but it's a bit hard to believe that this wandering bum could really be such a talented sorcerer, especially when he can barely pay his bills. He is a moneylender, and at some point in the past lent Volcan some money which Volcan has yet to pay back. Therefore, Orphen shamelessly forces the two brothers to do what he wants them to. He thinks it's his right to torture them, since they haven't paid him back yet. At the beginning of the anime, he has been staying in Totokanto for about a year, "teaching" Magik sorcery in exchange for room and board at the inn. He's keeping an eye on the Sword of Bart Andels, which is being kept in the Everlasting mansion, since he knows the dragon Bloody August will be after the sword.
by Samurai Katsu September 17, 2003
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