Originating from South South Nigeria, and mainly used by young hustlers, the word Aza refers to bank account or safe for keeping money.
Bank Account
Bro, that deal went through. Send me your Aza.
I am expecting some money in my Aza
by Mordified xaviour January 13, 2020
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Fun , smart GIRL that loves to be around crazy people and hang out can be weird sometimes and stare people down dirty we still think she's funny
by Aza.goodwin425@gmail.con May 23, 2014
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A cute handsome guy who gets all the girls and is very Athletic
Just so u know DONT compete with me I’m a AZA
by Booop book May 21, 2021
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She is a fortnite god🙏🏻😭
She is a shawty😂
And is super annoying🤣
Aza, why are you so annoying?😒
by Aza-Paree May 26, 2018
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Probably a dude. Almost positively lesbian, can’t get over a breakup. Usually very violent likes to hit things/people. Doesn’t go to parties or have many friends but is really close with the friends she has if you know an Aza run because she will probably punch you.
Chad:”One of my gfs keeps punching me”
Josh:”Yeah Aza is really violent”
Haelie:”I think my left leg is longer than my right”
by Chad Loves Brad September 24, 2018
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A crunk-ass fraternity consisting of members that fall into one of the following catagories:
1) "Up You" men: these are alephs who always wear their aleph pin at a slant, and base their entire existence around being asked WHY they choose to do so. In turn they ALWAYS respond, "There is no perfect aleph". ...ALWAYS.
2) The "meat": these alephs know basic facts invoving Beber, Omaha, and 5 of 7 cardinal principals. "Folds" are their weekly oppurtunity to get out and party later. They base their existence around developing solid ideas for "Video Scavenger Hunts" that are on the verge of getting arrested (preferably without getting arrested though). The meat of AZA.
3) "Paper members"--these are alephs who pay $65 to get the 'perks' that come with being in AZA. These members base their existence around attaining the legendary booty that exists nowhere else but BBG. Their goal for their high school carreer is to 'complete the cycle' by hooking up with as many BBG's (seniors, juniors, sophmores, AND freshmen) as they can. (For them, age doesn't matter...BBG is simply the dank of booty)

Which ever category an Aleph is placed...AZA is, simply put, the best four years of a sane man's life.
"Yo man, you goin to the AZA fold this weekend? It's a joint fold with BBG. It's supposed to be a real orgyfest."
"Naw man. That's just what the pervert mazkir says to get you to come."
"So, you comin'?"
"Hell yeah man! I call shotgun on little sisters!"
"Fine. I call sweetheart."
"Whatever dude. Everybody knows that all sweethearts are just cockteases."
"Oh, right. I forgot...BBG stands for 'Blue Ball Givers'."
by Sam Beber March 6, 2006
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an exclusive fraternity of youths who all fall within the guidelines of the order of the Aleph Tzadik Aleph

or a member of said fraternity, all of whom naturally excell at life, frisbee, and getting ass from bbgs
that aza gets so much as from those bbgs that the international board will have to make an honorary position for him
by the guy standing behind you March 16, 2004
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