Scottish, the sarcastic response to someone who you suspect is fibbing.
He said that? Aye, right.
by Cara October 17, 2004
"Aye, right" – just without the comma.

Don't be daft
Pull the other one
Adversus solem ne loquitor
Away and dinnae talk shite
— I shagged the hottest girl in town last night.
Aye right.
by R160K April 29, 2014
A term used in Northern Ireland as slang & a quick way to say 'Not a chance' or 'rubbish'
Ay right that cant be true!
by Ryanjoe090 December 27, 2007
Scottish variance on the expression "Whatever".

Meaning yeah whatever. used when you do not believe somethign some one is saying or disagree with thier statement.
I was chosen for the Scotland team (person 1)

Person (2) Aye Right whatever
by montrose1 March 3, 2010
The act of agreeing with someone after saying something epic.
Douche Bag 1:Dude you wanna come over and bang these Australian Models!!!!!

Douche Bag 2:Fuckin' Ay Right
by FAR from normal April 3, 2009
To realize that something is very cool and has exceded your expectations. Suprisingly awesome
by Joshua Lang January 7, 2008