Somebody who's weapon of choice in CS:GO is the AWP (Arctic Warfare Police rifle).
Awper mid
by Crack marijuana April 6, 2019
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Player who dedicatedly using the most deadly sniper to kill everyone in one shot, specifically the Arctic Warfare Police Sniper Rifle.

List of example pro player who is awper:
S1mple, FalleN, GuardiaN, dev1ce, skadoodle and KennyS the awp god.
"Oh fuck, i just get fucked up by the awper in the fuckin' mid!" Says the newbie.

"Shit! We got Awper here, don't peek him or you will die." Teammate 1 talk to Team Terrorist.

"Blyat! I saw awper!" Russian screaming.
by F4LLENG0DZ January 1, 2019
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An unpredictable person.
Since it's highly important for an awper to be unpredictable in a popular game, CS:GO.
cc: damn shawty an awper, she fucked my dad!
bro: BRO WTF?!
by awperhydra February 6, 2021
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The most hated person in the CS universe. They use the AWP sniper rifle religiously.
(Knifey headshotted by Newblet)
Newblet: You got killed by a newb!
Knifey: So! (muttering) damn awper come and play my game, I'll show him
by So-n-So January 30, 2005
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Someone that uses the awp in COunter-Strike too much
That awper killed me!
by SUPER-TROGDOR September 15, 2003
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A n00b that thinks he's so great my hiding and killing people with the awp since he's got no balls to kill them another way.
I say they make awper seeking missiles on the next counter strike.
by Xtine Max January 2, 2004
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awesome and hyper combined
My friend is so freaking awper that they are awesome and hyper
by OneLove32 July 31, 2009
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