A person who is weird but amazing crazy but beautiful but most important different but in a good way
I wish i was a avocado
by Lieutenant AVOCADO 🥑 August 11, 2017
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Avocado is a delicious fruit, sometimes confused for a vegetable, but definitely a fruit. It comes with its own handy bio-degradable packaging, so no need to wrap it in plastic. Under no circumstances should it ever be cooked. This is a direct order from heaven. It is perfect as it is and cooking it is a literal sin and a crime against humanity. Enjoy uncooked, raw, cold, fresh from the tree or not warm.
"This avocado is cooked burn this place down!"
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by avocadowarrior January 26, 2017
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A female you would be down to fuck. One which is worthy of being nutted into
Cesar: "Damn bro look at that avocado"
OwenFerguson:" you're right cesar that's an avocado. JD avocado or rotten avocado?"
JD:"Hell yes avocado"
Mark:"I heard There was an avocado."
Albert: "oh look Cesar's with the avocado wtf that was quick"
*Cesar scores the avocado and goes home to PIPE
by Sleekcharacter May 16, 2017
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1. someone upon whom incredibly attractive physical characteristics have been bestowed

2. a very tasty mild "fruit" with a faint buttery texture. The word avocado originates from the Aztec word for testicle, in reference to the shape of the fruit.
person 1: mmm, mmm, MMM angela, did you see that avocado in bio today?

person 2: OH GOD!! He's so HOT!

I enjoy avocados.
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1. Avocado

when we say something is avocado we regard it as being mediochre, average, lack luster or not of a high quality
"I went to taste of chaos last night, It was a bit avocado, I wish I had spent my money on guns and crack whores instead"
by Thomas Stiller October 15, 2006
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Someone who besties with someone but low key wants to be besties with someone else

#donthaveloyalfriends #hoesmad #iscoodocauseigotme #dropmahotpocket
Ugh HE is such an avocado that back stabbing little butt munch.
by Chris is that a weed420 June 24, 2019
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A person who has a fully functional car but for whatever reason is unable to drive it.
"Maybe we could borrow Philippa's car, she's an avocado since that breath test incident"
"One more speeding ticket and I'm an avocado"
"He can't drive, but he does avocado"
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by Mo Faux October 27, 2017
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