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sun glasses often woren by pilots hence the name aviators made popular by vietnam chopper pilots and police officers
aviators usually come in two sizes 52 mm lens and the big 75 mm lenses

very handy to have a pair of aviators at all times never know where and how and why you will need them but they always are useful
I wear my aviators when I drive my car
by 1989 March 05, 2007

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Said to people that are stressed out about life, work, school, etc.

Also used when on a boat, when you need to lay low or want to stop somewhere for a bite to eat or something to drink.

Means slow down for a minute and take a breath and then start from there


Stop what your doing and relax for awhile / Take a Break / Lock it up
Jeff : I won't be able to go to Univeristy next year and my girlfriend dumped me , and my cat died and I lost my Job

Zach: Dude Just Dock it and Chill

Pirate one : We need to ditch the drugs
Pirate two : We just need to Dock it and Chill for a few hours

Captian : this looks like a good place to stop for a beer
First Mate : Dock it and Chill

Nic : I think we can get the painting done before 5 pm
Mitch : It's Lunch time now so just Dock it and Chill

Peter: This biology homework sucks
Ben: lets Dock it and Chill and watch some tv !

by 1989 April 17, 2007

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describing something that is good or cool. can be used to describe many things usually drugs or alchol but also can be used when refering to people, places, and things.

Oh man that smoke it so smooth it is Healthy !

by 1989 April 17, 2007

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It is a Verb that can be used to discribe a situation or event

the basic meaning of the word is :
To get screwed over / Fucked over / use of force
We are out numbered we are gunna get reemed !

I got reemed on that math test !

You hear that Bill got reemed in prision ?

The door is jammed you just got to reem on it a bit !

by 1989 March 05, 2007

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