A really sweet guy who doesn't know how to say no, or that he's tired and needs to go to sleep. Really cute can get any girl but for some reason doesn't want them. Everyone knows Avi.
Hey, do you know a guy named Avi?
Omg! yes! he's so sweet, but he won't go out with me
by ram74254 August 3, 2010
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To stay at home on prom night while drinking copious amounts of booze and playing Super Smash Bros.
by Gavey May 14, 2004
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one who has got the big swag, preferably 8 inches or greater

can also smooth talk the ladies like a boss

amazing guy sensitive funny...overall awesome at everything
yo avi just be mackin on mad biddies!
by +plus+ February 12, 2011
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American Slang / Gang Term / Nun Talk - for security.

Mostly used to refer to security in the Information Services environment. However, the term is gaining popularity on the street.
Girlfriend: I dumped my boyfriend .. I need some Avi

Crip / Blood: If I'm gon' snitch .. i need some Avi up in hurrr

IT Security guy: We need more budget .. Avi is important
by JabawOkies September 18, 2008
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some next kid who hates 50 cent
awww man dat kids an Avi
by The CityLibrarian March 11, 2008
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A really gross guy who never takes showers. He is very unsocial and doesn't have one real friend. He can only walk at night because people will run away from him scared out of their wits from his fat and ugliness.
He is the most Avi guy i have ever seen. Oh my god he is so Avi! Run its an Avi!
by aviisfat October 16, 2011
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definition of cute

inspiring great affection; delightful; charming.
"she looked just adorable"
synonyms: lovable, appealing, charming, cute, cuddly, sweet, enchanting, bewitching, captivating, engaging, endearing, dear, darling, delightful, lovely, beautiful, attractive, gorgeous, winsome, winning, fetching;

and is best boi
Avi is a fellow cutie that needs a lotta love.
by mackerelly January 20, 2018
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