The individual at the function that is the most valid and is drippin from his fresh ass fits and ice.
TBone: Yo that nigga mad avi, look at those straight rocks
by asbdvak April 1, 2020
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A hot sexy big booty big tits pink pussy girl with long black hair and a baddie
by Avianis May 1, 2021
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The word Avi is to describe someone who is packing and/or big pp
girl yo he's Avi
by Follow_me_on _tiktok_. April 14, 2020
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Avi is an endearing nickname for a person with Avesa-like qualities. A term typically used by close friends and families to be priveledged to have an Avesa in their life.
You have amazing music taste, are you an Avi?
by Booooooo April 23, 2005
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Also known as the Vulva, "Avi" is the opening to the female vagina.
The word Avi is commonly mistaken for a young boy who is confused about his gender and enjoys long hottubs with his lover/friends who over-wear rasta and enjoy occasional anal.
hey look its avi !
You mean vagina ?
yeah thats what i said...
by keeptryinbud May 30, 2011
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1) to nerd-out and/or troll unsespecting victims

2) to obtain the capability to open thermos' with wild raging strenght

3) Verb: to consistantly 4chan

4) to make hilarious ostrich sounds when he/she assumes nobody is watching

1) Avi- here Amy, have this cupcake.. it's not poisonous whatsoever

Amy- :D THANKKSS Avi! *eats*..:)......:|......O.e

2) Josh- zomg this asian thermos won't open! here Avi, try it


Josh-....O.o wow, that was fast..


Avi- ...:D
by Amira the great September 24, 2010
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An egotistical retard who thinks he is good at Overwatch and will make fun of you for spelling something wrong.
That weo is such and avi, and I think careb agrees
by Weo-wetted November 25, 2019
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