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She's a super pretty, super sweet, TikTok girl who is mostly known for her "clown check" videos.
person 1: omg did you see Avani Gregg's new tik tok?
person 2: yes she's super cool :)
by arxanagrande93 on isnta September 12, 2019
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Avani Gregg is a former TikTok star and actress. She was born November 23, 2002, in Indiana. In Indiana Avani lived with her mother, Anisha Gregg, father, Lewis Gregg, older sister, Shanti Gregg, and younger sister, Priya Gregg. Avani is African American and Indian-Mongolian. Avani grew up as a gymnast, she reach training level 10, until she was forced to quit due to her unfortunate back injury. Avani is most known for her crazy make-up looks. Her most popular make-up look is the iconic "Clown Check". Avani is in a large group of content creators, known as The Hype House. Avani is currently dating fellow TikTok star, Anthony Reeves, also know as luvanthony. Avani is close friends with Amelie Zilber, Charli D'Amelio, Addison Rae, and Madi Monroe, whom of all are TikTokers. Avani Gregg's social medias are, TikTik: avani, Instagram: avani, Twitter: lilpapivoni, SnapChat: avaniigregg.
Girl1:"Hey! Did you see Avani Gregg's new tiktok?"
Girl2:"Yeah! It's very cool."
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by BeepBoop._.Bop June 03, 2020
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Avani Gregg is an awesome, amazing and sweet girl. I bet evryone loves her make up. Shes really talented!
cc:oh look! Its Avani Gregg! Shes awesome, right?
cc:Yeah! I really like her video!
by October 16, 2020
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