a girl who shakes her ass on instagram. ( she’s usually not thick )
Maddie you’re such a tiktok girl !
by happyharley November 29, 2019
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annoying bitch who got their whole personality off of tiktok, also overly sensitive and cant take a joke. thinks “neopronouns” and “xenogenders” are a real thing and are chronically online. they all also look like clones of themselves because they all dress look and act the same way, normally using “PLSS-“ or “HAGSGAGAGAHDHXHHAF” to express laughter over text. they are extremely unfunny in general.

person 1: whats wrong with her?
person 2: shes one of them tiktok girls
by aIexx August 14, 2021
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Straight guys, lesbians, bisexuals etc. (anyone who is attracted to girls) STAY AWAY FROM THEM. THEY WILL PROBABLY ONLY USE YOU AND ARE SUPER CRINGY. im out
guy: hey have you seen that tiktok girl?
other guy: yeah dude shes so cringy lmao
by Stupid Af July 04, 2021
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A girl that will literally go out of her way to do a tiktok dance, be “quirky” or say or wear anything that is “trendy” when she is literally just annoying the frick out of everyone.
Annoying tiktok girl: lol sksksks (does dance)

Person: OMG Sarah stop!
Annoying tiktok girl: haha jk but I’m just like Charli!
by TyleristheworstmyG December 01, 2020
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A retard who spams cat emojis and says No<3 in arguments she doesnt have a comeback to.
by MrTwinToe September 21, 2020
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Alt TikTok Girls are girls that get offended by every little thing. Majority of them are considered to be liberal without having an understanding of politics, scream "ACAB", and wear 100 pounds of makeup to cover up that sad, pitiful face the possess. They also trend ride the Black Lives Matter movement.
Did you hear about those Alt TikTok Girls canceling people for saying retarded?
by bytemaster00 October 05, 2020
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