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Alex Warren is a CIA agent under cover as a YouTuber. He is from the year 2069 and was sent to make all of your daddy issues go away with a single 4 minute video.
"Have you seen my Dad?"
No, but did you see Alex Warrens new video?
by AlexWarren February 18, 2019
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A know it all with an annoyingly good personality. Generally sucks at sport and has no taste in girls at all, however is great at getting friendzoned by all the popular girls. An Alex Warren is incapable of being mean to people to their face, as he is another word for a cat. Overall, a legend who manages to also be a mess.
Guy 1: Woah, do you see that boy over there chatting up Diana
Guy 2: Ew why would anyone do that!?!
Girl 1: Maybe he just an Alex Warren
by okboomer88 January 03, 2020
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