Superior to 'amazing'; often used when describing unbelievable, adorable, or hilarious posts on forums or irc. Used to communicate approval.

Note: this is NOT the British spelling of 'amazing', despite popular(?) belief.
1. That post about hating the colour blue was amasing!
2. My friends are absolutely amasing.
by thisfinchisblacknot May 1, 2009
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For people who can't spell words correctly and should be shot
"that's amasing!" "No, please stop you mean amazing...."
by ChuckYungsun February 13, 2015
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When something or someone gains mass or weight.
1 "Jughead is going to be amasing if he continues to eat burgers like that."

2 "That pile of burgers was amasing until Jughead got to them."
by Cyberout April 7, 2010
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A guy who has feet that smell like cheetos and always wear a royals shirt but also has a good taste in guys
Yo amase no wonder they call you stank bomb them feet are ripe
by cheetoboy March 31, 2019
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