a very cute guy!
he is fun loving
a genuine ladies man
a guy with many talents!
a guy who is amazing in bed!!
huge and satisfying penis
a guy who can cheer you up even when your angry
A sweet guy
is always straight up with you
he can be an asshole sometimes, but when he wants to be
...... he can be sooo sweet!
has his moods..
a guy who normally does stupid things
the most amazing kisser!!
very funny guy
Dang.....it's Austin..
by Dang... November 4, 2009
Austin caring and sweet
Austin better known as giraffe a guy that is very trustworthy and even though he may be having a rough time he will still try and make you happy. He is genuinely nice and happy, and knows how to make someone smile, he is very much boyfreind material, Sometimes he can be a grouch butt but he surely makes up for it hes very lovable and caring. Everything about him is perfect hes tall handsome and nice. He can seem mean by just looking at him but I promise he's not.
by Tatashookykooky June 4, 2020
Austin, better known as Apple, is a very caring, kind soul. He's very funny, but he convinces himself that he is boring (which is completely untrue). Austin is great at cheering people up and making them feel good about themselves. He struggles to accept compliments for himself (but he's working on it). If you ever need a good friend, search for Austin - he's the best person to spend time with, and he has all the time in the world for you. If he doesn't have time, he will make time. Austin struggles a bit with his emotions - he suppresses them a lot, but if he trusts you enough he will open up to you. It takes him a while to adjust to dealing with certain emotions, but if you're patient and give him time, you'll find he's very sweet, sensitive and loving. If Austin somehow makes you upset, he will stop at nothing to make you realise just how sorry he is. Austin never wants to upset people and will always try his best to make things better. Austin also makes a fantastic boyfriend - he is very patient and very considerate of others' feelings. If you don't want to do something, he won't make you do it - he'll respect your choice and move on, no questions asked.

Overall, Austin is my bestfriend and he's the best boyfriend I could ever ask for. He's handsome as hell, not to mention cute as a button; and he means the world to me.

If you can get yourself an Austin, you'll feel like the luckiest girl in the world, no matter what.

Thank you Apple <3
1. Whoa, have you seen that dude?

Yeah.. that's Austin!

Damn, Austin is FIIIINE

2. Have you seen that girl over there? She's so smiley and giggly!

Yeah, she DEFINITELY has herself an Austin.

by Zedaya May 8, 2019
A Man with a Really big Dick that penetrates hoes like nothin.
Dude that chick got Austin so hard she had to be put in a wheel chair
by aguidry August 15, 2008
The best name ever. If you aquired this name you are defined as epic and god-related. If you have this name you are going to be the next actor, the next John Lennon, the Next President (one that actually is awesome), or the creator for the AIDS and Cancer vacine. If your name is something else your considered not as epic as Austin, Since Austin is the capital of Texas. When your the capital of the state that everything is big, then you truely are epic.
Hey, what's your name?!

My name is Austin!

Wow! That name is legendary!
by BloodyOps13 November 19, 2009
Noun. The absolute BEST boyfriend ever! Sweetest man on earth and so easy to talk to. An astounding lover and friend. The Prince Charming that every girl wants. Thoughtful, handsome, attractive(like a magnet!), funny, loving, kind, delightful, delicious, delovely. Oh....and he has the best ass you've ever seen.
"He's definitely a keeper. I mean look at him! He's an Austin."
"I've finally found my Austin."
by ~Bashes December 2, 2010
An example can not be conjured due to how badass Austin is.
by lkajsdifonewalk;vnir November 6, 2012