He will be 100% without a doubt the line of your life. He can make you so happy with him just being next to you. So if you ever get the chance to be with Austin don’t take it for granted
Yo are you dating Austin

Omg yes he is the sweetest and the cutest I never wanna lose him. 💗💗
by Trustme100% November 30, 2018
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Austin is a guy you'll fall in love with in no time. He seems normal at first, but once you get to know him your life will be changed forever. He's patient, he'll listen to you, and he's one of the best shoulders to cry on. He's got gorgeous green eyes, dark curly brunette hair, and a slimmer build. He's tall, has a large penis, and is a great kisser. He's afraid to text a girl first, thinking he is annoying to everyone.. When little does he know his presence is nice to have around and comforting. Whenever he sees at you, his face will light up because he is so happy you're near. He tells stupid, tacky jokes that makes everyone laugh, because he's simply hilarious. He fucks up quite often, but you need to be patient with him just as he is with you. He won't pressure you into anything and he's willing to wait for you if you just give him a chance. And if you treat him right, you'll get everything you've ever wanted in a guy in return. He'll always be the number one person in your life, and if he currently isn't, he is soon to be.
"Whoa, who's that amazingly good looking spectacular attractive guy in the Aero shirt over there?" "That, my friend, is Austin." ;)
by Austins Main Nigguh April 15, 2013
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a very cute guy!
he is fun loving
a genuine ladies man
a guy with many talents!
a guy who is amazing in bed!!
huge and satisfying penis
a guy who can cheer you up even when your angry
A sweet guy
is always straight up with you
he can be an asshole sometimes, but when he wants to be
...... he can be sooo sweet!
has his moods..
a guy who normally does stupid things
the most amazing kisser!!
very funny guy
Dang.....it's Austin..
by Dang... November 03, 2009
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someone who will be himself and not give a shit what others say, expresses his mind, dresses how he wants, but at the same time he can be sweet and caring.
person 1: dude, austin is so cool, but kinda mean
person 2: nah man he's actually really cool and nice
by sergfdbdfhbdfsvd July 25, 2009
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Austin is the type of guy to make you laugh in the most unexpected ways, you could he talking about your dead dog and he’d somehow make you laugh about it, Austin isn’t a bad guy at all, but never make him mad or you get the death stare, Austin’s are usually shy in school and have a fairly small friend group, but once an Austin gets home he’s back to the original weird and funny self, if you meet an Austin hold on to him because he is one of the funniest people you will ever meet
Person 1: yo who’s that kid at that table waving to you
Person 2: oh that’s my cousin Austin he’s so coool
Person 3: I’ve heard of that cool cat
by Jay Z’s brother August 13, 2019
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A sweat yet a person that can piss you off very fast!
Austin K
by Meg. ;) <33 April 04, 2011
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Noun. The absolute BEST boyfriend ever! Sweetest man on earth and so easy to talk to. An astounding lover and friend. The Prince Charming that every girl wants. Thoughtful, handsome, attractive(like a magnet!), funny, loving, kind, delightful, delicious, delovely. Oh....and he has the best ass you've ever seen.
"He's definitely a keeper. I mean look at him! He's an Austin."
"I've finally found my Austin."
by ~Bashes December 02, 2010
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