The most amazing guy in the world. He will do anything for you and love doing it! For instance if he stops by quick-trip to buy you a snack and you tell him what you want no matter how picky you are he will remember what you want forever. And he will randomly surprise you with your favorite Chips and drink when you least expect it. Or if you are sad he will take whatever is hurting you and fix it. He has dark wavy hair and brown eyes but when he's really happy they turn hazel :). If you are dating him, be ready to fall in love because you have just met the perfect guy in the world!
Austin: So i think i like you....
Girl: Oh.....
Austin: What?
Girl: I think i love you.....


Austin: So you know i like you right
Girl: Yeah i do.... and i just don't really feel the same way....
Austin: Oh.....
Girl: I'm so sorry...
Austin: it's okay... you've done nothing wrong....
Girl *Worst Mistake of my Life*
by I love Austin! i love Austin! November 11, 2010
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people named austin think very highly of themselves, and go on urban dictionary to write positive things about themselves
austin is pretty, has a big cock, drives the women crazy, and is a compulsive liar
by jimmy-cow-cat December 13, 2010
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A very quiet, private guy who has amazing looks. Huge muscles. Tends to not talk to many people. Has a hot smile, doesn't date many girls, doesn't seem to be at any dances or public areas other than school. Is shyish, but very smart, and always has his eye on one girl and one girl only. Austins are known to have a very big penis, and is amazing in bed, but covers your mouth when you scream his name. Also amazing kissers who are not experienced, but still make you fall head over heels for him.
girl 1: Dude look at Austin over there by himself! He is so hot and quiet, how come Austin isn't a manwhore like the rest?
girl 2: I dont know like Austin has huge muscles though. Maybe Austin works out and just isn't into girls yet.
girl 1: ohh I want Austin in bed!!
by Justine(: July 10, 2011
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"If you don't do what I want you to do, I Austin."
via giphy
by Muffler man January 28, 2019
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the quiet, sexy, fucking adorable guy in all my classes. He is too quiet and doesnt talk much :(
omg austin is sexy..... the other boys in the class are not as Austin as Austin.
by tink1951 December 09, 2013
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A one-of-a-kind type of guy.

The kind that sweeps you off your feet with a smile. Makes you blush with just one look and makes your day better in an instant.
He asks about your day and doesn't settle for the "Nothing is wrong" response. Has a word that he uses often like "Wonderful" or "Lowlife" or other words.

Hates liars and hates when you don't tell him things.
Drives a truck and is the Ideal country boy.
A gentleman and a guy who you wish would be your boyfriend.
Often confused about his feelings and can't seem to make up his mind. If he breaks your heart, it will hurt.
girl 1: I wish I had my own Austin; you are so lucky to have him!

girl 2: I know.
by C.S.119 December 30, 2011
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a guy who sometimes is an asshole & super perverted, but still has a couple girls that like him. The girls don't know why & don't want to admit it, but they can't help but be attracted to him. There's just something about him sometimes. He's funny, a chill dude & has good friends.
Girl 1: I thought you didnt like him.
Girl2: I don't, well, I can't help it. He's an Austin.
by gotchyabitch May 21, 2010
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