Most beautiful and amazing girl you will ever meet. She has the cutest smile and the bluest, breathtaking eyes. A girl you will talk on the phone with for hours and you will never get bored, and when you're with her you your heart will race. She likes Jack Johnson and she listens to Pandora before she goes to bed. When she's around, you feel like you've never felt before. She is everything you could ever want in a girl and you love her with all your heart.
The girl I'm dating is just like an Audrey!
by jacobs7 December 28, 2011
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That girl that is very intelegent and really awesome. Everyone wants to talk to her and be her friend. She would be a great wife and will have many children. She is the fire in your heart and the light at the end of the tunnel. She likes pick up lines and can be a little shy. But he can open up to be the most beautiful personin the world.
Michael: Audrey, I like you a lot. Will you be mine?
Audrey: (insert answer here)
by Wardog1207 April 08, 2012
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Audrey is a tall, brunette, with legs for dayyyzzzz. She will call you out on your shit with a thunderous voice. She is great at planning events and the slightest inconvenience to her plan will boil her piss. She has more friends than gigabytes on her MacBook. She will score better on that stupid test, because her brain actually retains information. And lastly, she has more spunk in her 'tude than points on Starbucks rewards.
A boy: Damn, Audrey! You're thicccc
Audrey: *rolls eyes* bite me bitch
by moooooooo.ry September 30, 2019
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Preferably beautiful, makes the boys go wild, nice, generous, outgoing, weird laugh, socialable. She’s pretty good at sports, chubby. Cheerful, loves by most people ( boys ), teachers love her as she is usually a good student and loves to give presents to them. She has a sassy attitude and enjoys high pony tails.
P1: who do you like
P2:Audrey of course!
P1:Me too!!!
by Mimimama December 09, 2018
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the prettiest most amazing girl in existence! she is nice, smart, and funny! luv ya jacob!!!!<3
i love you audrey!!
by jacob lover!!!<3 May 10, 2011
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The absolute prettiest girl you have ever seen, she is extremely gorgeous even when she doesn't try to be. Her eyes put the stars to shame, her smile legitimately brightens up the room, she laughs all the time and when she does, she makes the cutest face. I would love to date an Audrey one day. And if you are or ever dating an Audrey, hold on to her for as long as possible, tell her shes beautiful everyday, compliment her but not to a annoying extent, treat her like a princess cause she sure as hell deserves to be treated like one, give her flowers and chocolate on valentines day, let her wear your hoodie, and most importantly, give her your heart and treat with respect, try to marry her one day because you wont meet another girl like her. that's what I (Nick) would do.
Zach: Damn Nick, your blessed to have Audrey as your girlfriend, lucky SOB.

Nick: Damn Right
by Nicolas.W May 23, 2019
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