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a girl who will listen to everything you have to say. she'll remember it too. she has a good heart but she thinks shes a bitch she's sarcastic and funny but sometimes she has her downs. when shes down she doesn't want anyone to know so she hides it for the sake of her family and friends. she's reliable and will do anything to help people out. if she's upset, she will close herself out from the rest of the world hoping people will leave her be. she doesn't want anyone to worry about her and she doesn't want to be pitied. She's constantly building walls up so no one can break in. Unfortunately, her walls break easily. When she tells you she cried or if you see her cry, you know she's at her weakest. The one time she believed in love, her heart broke... and she'll call you up to cry and tell you how stupid she is. Audrey is a girl who will go through so much but get through it for the sake of everyone else around her. She is much loved.
That girl right there, she's an Audrey.
by headrick September 07, 2010

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