Said of a jew who hides or is generally ashamed of his heritage.
My friend Dan is totally in the attic. He never tells anyone he's Jewish, and the guy's middle name is Abraham for god's sake...
by Hoda March 8, 2009
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Def: Noun, The third floor, right side of Hook Hall at Elon University. The Attic is comprised of eight, good looking gentlemen who enjoy life's pleasures. Nights at the attic are meant for "broing out", or having a rediculous amount of women in a tight area. Also known as "the fratio", "hook 302", and even "not smith hall".
Girl #1: Hey, let's pick up guys outside of Smith Hall tonight!

Girl #2: No way, haven't you heard of the attic? The men up there actually have class.

Bro #1: Dude, what is that flier doing on the tree?
Bro #2: Didn't you hear? Macy Gray s playing at the attic on friday night!
by brodobaggins September 7, 2008
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To be high or stoned on any sort of drugs.
To be in the attic, up in a place where normal people aren't are, the highest part of a house.

"Man, I was in the attic last night, and my mom found out!"
by oapfoajslfkajsf January 19, 2008
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An individual, archetype: Any college student lacking sufficient funds, who lives, eats, and sleeps in an upstairs attic (devil-laired like, coon infested attic), who turns into a domesticated lagoon creature. It could be any domestic creature really. Could be a fleshy, anthropoid-like, super, slippery, black haired salamander. The person could go into the attic in any shapes, races, or even sizes. Mexican, African American, Hiawatha, or even pauken. The individual then comes out as a live, breathing ATTIC CRITTER.
Look there! 'creak' 'creak' creak'.. 'turns corner'..attic-critter!
by yoyofromishtow September 2, 2009
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When you are calling bullshit on someone, in essence saying you don't believe their incredible story. So named for the balloon boy story that ended with Falcon (the boy's name) having been hiding in the attic all day while rescue workers chased the balloon across the country.
Matt: So, I was at the bar last night, and I walked up to hit on this girl. She and her two female friends thought I was hilarious. We went back to my place and I fucked all three!

Mike: And you know what I heard? There's a falcon in the attic!

Matt: Huh?
by ChuckChaser69 March 26, 2010
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