One who lives in there parents Attic/Basement Playing video games and spends his or her time on the computer. Epically on Wikipedia. The games the attic dweller might play may consist of World of War craft or the large selection games of Valve.
Person 1: Wow Omar spends all his time playing video games in our parents attic, hes a complete geek.
Person 2: You mean a Attic Dweller.
by Jeff The Magic Dinosaur June 30, 2010
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much like a man with cockwebs (see definition), a lady with a box in the attic has not been having as much sex as she once was.
Since breaking up with her boyfriend last summer, Carrie has had her box in the attic.
by dave99 December 14, 2004
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You are doing a chick from behind. Then, you cum in her asshole. Then, you stick your pinkie finger into her cummy-shitty asshole. Then, you give her a *wet-willy* with your cummy-shitty finger.
Tom: Why is Sheila runnin' around with cum and shit comin' out of her ear?

Dick: Harry just gave her a raccoon in the attic.
by RWClassABoomer March 6, 2009
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The kind of child or person you would find creeping around your attic without your knowledge; a creeper or stalker.
"Man, that boy Timmy is sooo creepy!"

"Yeah, i bet he is an attic lurcher!"
by chhs91 March 4, 2009
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The sexual act of banging a dirty slut/prostitute in the attic. Typically involves depravity that would disgust the average person.
He totally attic banged that filthy Plummer sister without a condom and now he has Gen. 2 HIV.
by POC Pussy Slayer March 16, 2015
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When a guy (or girl) is caught masterbating in the attic by a friend, parent, sibling (macking an awkward situation)and they can't get the image out of mind.
Hey Leah, sorry I didn't hand in the paper we needed, last night I saw some " Static in the attic" and I can't really focus on anything cause it was narsty.
by Celina Jade February 7, 2009
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