When a man hasn't showered in a while and his ball sweat has dried to a pungent smell aroma reminiscent of a dusty attic.
Andy: "Dewey, I smell funky from skating all day and need to shower"
Tom: "I know, me too! I have attic balls!"
by the real b love January 22, 2009
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Aggressive oral sex with an older woman when she’s taken out her dentures.
I’m gonna give Mrs. Moschowitz a Granny’s Attic for her 85th birthday.
by Bad Grandpa June 13, 2021
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1. Really tiresome UK daytime "entertainment" TV show,
where old farts who desperately need cash for mum's hip operation etc get a gay expert in bric-a-brac to poke about in their house saying things like "Ooh, we should be able to get you £35 for that salt cellar at auction". But it only goes for a fiver.

2. To ejaculate into a woman's mouth
"Hurry up Maureen, Cash in the Attic is about to start!"
"Thanks, but I'd rather drink bleach and set myself alight"
by PhilG November 7, 2007
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An unusually odorous and stale fart that seems to be pushed out from very high up in ones bowels. First used by Mike Clark of the Drew and Mike radio show on WRIF in Detroit, MI.
Was that your attic fart, or do you have a squirrel that died two weeks ago in your pocket?
by Shift_Master December 15, 2010
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Perceived to be demonstrating intelligence in an unfavorable arrogant way.
Dude, she thinks she knows everything! She's so wide in the attic.
by makeyourmomeatanapple May 1, 2011
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a t-shirt design from threadless.com that shows the silhouette of a girl in a school uniform shooting herself in the head and the blood splatter morphing into butterflies. It has since been used for tattoo designs and graffiti with slight modifications like changing the girl into a man.
Wow, I keep seeing the Flowers in the Attic design everywhere!
by threadless.com fan June 21, 2008
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The female version of tea bagging, where the girl move her vagina up and down as the tongue goes in and out.
I woke up one morning to find my girl mopping the attic on me.
by big_bfb September 15, 2006
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