A BOI in God Of War 4 that shoot arrows to make Kratos, his Father proud. Hes also have the Innate Linguistic Capability ability.
Atreus- A Character of Dad of Boi.
by verycooljoe June 9, 2018
Noun : A person who is lacking experience and/or is possible to categories under the term Boi.
Atreus *Does anything*
Kratos "Boy."
by J.N. Zanpakuto May 6, 2018
Kind but clueless,good looking, good at sports , crack head, fuck boy will cheat on you, also kinda an asshole.
"That Atreu is so sweet, yeah but I heard he cheated on Becca this weekend."
by Senior year May 3, 2018
gay boy from god of war that you either love or hate.
He is often called "boy" by his dad
Atreus: *breathes
Kratos: *BOYYYY
by atreusus July 21, 2022
Atreus a fat Handsome cute chubby boy
Atreus is so cute because of his fat
by Marie739362957 January 4, 2021