to have a full complete sensation of shitting only to reveal you haven't
did you go for a crap?
yes but it was a turd from atlantis
by gavin March 17, 2004
A perfect band from the UK. Members are Mike Duce, Ben Sansom, Eddy Thrower and Dec Hart. If you don't like them you don't appreciate good music.
Did you go to Lower Than Atlantis?
Yeah darling, it was sick. They're perfect.
by Lowerthanamy December 14, 2012
A really gay spinoff of the 1994 classic, StarGate. No, really, this show sucks worse than Paris Hilton. Hell, they even got the StarGate special effect wrong, it looks nothing like in the movie. At least SG-1 has a better storyline, actors, and is more faithful to a nicely made movie.
Stargate Atlantis sux balls.
by akapyro April 8, 2007
A book series about a girl called Fleur Daisy and the struggles of post apocalyptic life. It is also being animated chapter by chapter on the YouTube channel, StarzSky_
Atlantis: Lost World got one best girl. They’re Eric Ignis. I take no criticism.
by Mingain September 23, 2021
Project Atlantis is a Custom ROM founded by Bence Szabó also known as NotThatBlueX. Its main focus is to be as smooth as it can be on Android Devices and have minimalist but powerful customization.
- Hey! You use Project Atlantis?
- No, I still use MIUI. Why?
- Just switch. Trust me. Its better than MIUI.
by July 27, 2022
When a man is sitting at a toilet and his balls touch the water.
I ran into the Marriott to use the bathroom, and I ended up with an Atlantis Tea Bag.
by Orlando’s Silky Johnson November 4, 2021