"The most interesting, fascinating, wise, quick-thinking, intelligent, prudent, beautiful, hot, sexy, sensual, empathetic, mysterious, warm and consuming person in the entire bloody universe" and people that know her are the luckiest people to ever exist in the same time as her.

Not to be confused with "Anne"
"I met lady En today. She seems so selfless and humble."
"You are very lucky to know her. She is everything !"
by shootingstar_mss July 10, 2020
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A word.
Freddie Mercury said that it's a word while playing Scrabble, so it is a word.
Brian: Fred that's not a word.
Fred: No of course EN is a word!
by Aiko_Aoyama November 5, 2020
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A phrase commonly used on Twitter.com by Troy Farthing and a large percentage of the northern population, who uses it every 4 words. It doesn’t actually have a specific or precise meaning
Person 1: Hero You en
Person 2: Nah you en, god you are en
by BilboBCFC October 30, 2020
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En is a anger filled, steroid eating, girl pulling machine. He’s caring sometimes but doesn’t that shit from anyone.
You see him when that fight? He must be a En.
by DGenarous December 5, 2019
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En means 'the being'. A being is any entity who has, or has ever had a consciousness. En is used to replace he or she or it or their (singular). En is also used to replace him, her (non-possessive) and them (singular). En is very useful in replacing a character's name when describing them. En is also useful in labelling any person or other being whose gender is unknown or irrelevant. Animals should be referred to as he, she, him, her or en - never 'it'.

The possessive form of En is 'Es'.
1. The child grazed es knee on the ground and en began to cry.

2. The being of light telepathically adjusted the imperfect neurons in es human subject. En was pleased with what en saw.

In the first example, the child probably had a gender. If that gender was known, it would be perfectly reasonable to label the child he, she, him or her. However, in the second example, the being of light had no genitals. Therefore, es gender was irrelevant.

Under no circumstances should the ambiguous terms 'their' or 'them' be used in the singular context again, or 'it' in reference to a non-human being.
by paulnicholson July 16, 2008
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En is a one syllable response to a situation which causes trolley. The longer and more drawn out the pronunciation symbolises the sheer magnitude of trolley experienced. When typed the number of n's typed also adds emphasis.
"Dude, after she dumped you and kept the ring she called me and asked if she could stay the night"

"Dude how was that movie with Leonardo DiCaprio in it?"
by Mordy November 28, 2004
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Let's En the world one by one.
by Erica May 19, 2004
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