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A place where people with no brains go! Okay here's the real definition!
Its often a bigger treatment center that could be bigger and more secured, and way more staffed then "Behavorial Hospitals" In institutions like this! You could Become a patient here if you were committed to be insane or Not suitable For Non-Treatment!
And people in these institutions often have a case of...
Bipolar Disorder
Severe Depression
Self harm

And violent acting out!
Also most institutions can also hold Female patients and male patients in same Rooms And Activities!
People have also been committed in hospitals for!
Cereal killing
Delusional stories
And terrorist attacks
ASYLUMS also have psychotherapy or shock treatment and had straight jackets and padded rooms!
As a matter of fact restraints are beyond scary here they put you in arm belts and give you shots! Plus once your committed here you might get doped up from Dr. SMARTASS Prescriptions! So there you have it! Oh and you might learn something new today!

Asylums no longer exist...
Carter : Don't go to our asylums they are bad plus you don't want to see crazy Joe and meet the doctor!
by Dill Kosh January 10, 2017

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A Children's Program Network That Features It's Main Characters For That Network... Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, and Pluto! They Also Have A Movie Animation Called "Disney Pixars"
What Turns A 13 Year Old Girl On?
Disney Channel!
by Dill Kosh December 25, 2017

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There are many definitions for bullshit and here are the meanings for this word!
(A) Shit that comes outta a cape buffalos ass!

(B) The Biggest Lie that Seems Unbelievable!
(C) Something that is unfair or uncalled for!
Anybody got a phone right now? I have to call bullshit again!
by Dill Kosh January 15, 2017

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A Fat Disgusting Lameass Slob That Is A Sick Drug Addict That Blows Reefer Smoke In People's Face Because She Doesn't Care About Nobody Else But Herself, She Acts Like She's Your Friend But Will Betray You Later On During Your Friendship... She Burps Like A Gamer, And Is So Bad At Definitions, She Got Married With A Man Name Toby But Toby was just as bad as her due to the fact he works at a thing where they clean the waste off portal potties, and Samantha 1st Mugshot was her smiling after she had a drug related crime then her 2nd Mugshot was her crying her eyes out over some stolen candy, and Samantha dropped outta school and smoked k2 ever since and lives nowhere except in her cheap 2001 Chevy van with poor air conditioning and Samantha is rude to people that are clean and have it better in life than she does thats why she always smokes reefer in her van rather the person likes it or not in the entire trip, and is terrible around them! That Kids is 1 giant uglyass!
Michael : Does Your Kids Have Extra Chromosomes?
Samantha : I Think So...
Michael : You Have No Idea what that even means so fuck you and your dumbass children!
by Dill Kosh December 25, 2017

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1. A Small Firework That Has A Fuse Where You Light And Watch It fire up for around 8 seconds
2. A Angry Redneck
1. (Lights Fire Cracker Then Throws Them At Grandpa while he's resting on rocker)
by Dill Kosh December 25, 2017

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