(verb) An expression one makes when someone makes a comment or does something contrary to what you believe is acceptable. This expression has been made popular by Toni Braxton's sister, "Tamar Braxton," on the reality tv show, "Braxton Family Values." --

It's another way of saying, "knock it off," or "Cut it out," and can be short for an expression such as, "Get your life together, because you're obviously going insane if you believe that"
Toni: Tamar, that's why I can't go anywhere with you because you're always acting a fool.

Tamar: Who??? Not her! Nope, you better get your life.com
by Geniusity February 18, 2012
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the act of relishing life or taking powerful responsibility.
1) You know what, I don't need the DVD because I will never forget how I GOT MY LIFE at the Formation World Tour.
2) (S)He's not in charge; you are. You better get your life, girl.
by oh_word March 31, 2021
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have fun; act crazy. wilin' out. crunk
1) I was getting "my life" when that song came on.
2) "If you came to "get your life," tear the fuckin' club up."
by RockDaNew February 13, 2008
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This day is dedicated to all the people who don’t have they’re shit together So today you’re going to get you’re shit together PERIODT.
by I’mscrewed April 11, 2019
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take responsibility for your situation and what you gotta do about it.
Shmo: Oh man, I want to be a chalk artist but me ma wants me to be an accountant!
Ryan: Dude! Get behind your life!
by stickyo December 25, 2005
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