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Any form of 'activism' that you do while sitting on your ass. An attempt to feel like you're making a difference, but without making the effort to put clothes on and get off the couch.

Example: E-mailing a show's sponsors to demand that they stop advertising on that show.
I went to a town hall meeting and argued against a new policy; it was more meaningful than the asstivism that people on Facebook do.
by Maenadsattack November 06, 2015
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The act of being a complete cunt to:

1) make a political point
2) start a political movement
Anna: Eugh, that cunt is making memes about how we run our community again
Lily: He says he's doing this "asstivism" shit
Anna: Fuck him
by supermegaukprizegifts March 07, 2017
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