The act of being an ass for no other reason than being an ass.
He displayed a whole new level of assery last night.
by Rotary Rebel June 1, 2010
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the act of making an ass of oneself
undertaking foolishness as a matter of course
the occupy wall street people partake in sheer and utter assery

people who drink anything but Busch Heavy undertake acts of assery upon themselves
by boodism November 17, 2011
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rubbing your ass on someone

origin: County Cork, Ireland

ass - hind portion of an animal
-ery - to rub
Yo bitch! Stop wit the assery and suck dis dick!
by G March 17, 2004
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The trappings, accoutrements, and doings of a dumb ass.
Come on guys, let's go home. This sort of dumb assery is going to get us all arrested. Bill, put down that hammer!
by The Real Jack Jones September 15, 2007
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The act of leaving tasks unfinished (Half-Assed)
There is a lot of half-assery going on around the job site.
by zombieone3 December 19, 2007
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The practice of acting foolish or saying something foolish when the circumstance calls for an intelligent response.
The dumb-assery of the press led to an immediate breakdown in communications, causing the riot to escalate into a battle between the police and the citizens.
by Grahame C. December 22, 2008
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The act or ability to kick ass in an unbelievable way. Usually in reference to Jason Statham's character(s) in the movies Transporter or Crank.
Spencer: Jason Statham's kick assery in Transporter is pretty awesome.

Samantha: Tell me about it...
by CreeperStash March 10, 2008
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