a sexual reference.
when a man's friend is hiding in the closet maturbating while he's having sex. when the friend is about to come he runs out of the closet and shoots his load on the girl.
Assasinate: My boy Ben assinated Keri last night.
by brittaney April 26, 2007
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Guy 1: Look at those assasins!
Guy 2: WTF are assasins? Do you mean Assassins?
by Reincarnator April 25, 2007
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aka The Narrator, Wingman Nate

Emcee from Regina, Saskatchewan known for his ego and sometimes Asshole attitude. Memeber of The Superfriends from the Queen City
by zach creg April 11, 2005
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A person on a mission to kill a specific person/persons.
Abraham Lincoln was shot by an assassin while watching a play.
by Krotchy April 14, 2004
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Assholes who kill other people for money
a tiny plaid ninja that will soon fight argyle
by switch484 February 3, 2005
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While doing a girl from behind, right before you're about to cum, take your elbow and bring it down onto her neck as hard as you can knocking her out while yelling "Assasination!" Then jizz on her back and crouch on her repeatedly.
Dude, Sexy Chaos did The Assasination 5 times the other day. He was on a running riot...
by The Real Bone October 1, 2005
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