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similar to a dust bunny but resides in the crack of your ass,
A huge Ass Bunny came out of my ass when i took a shower last night.
by Ghetto Master Charles November 26, 2010
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Little clumps of hair and fecal matter that reside in your rectal regions.
"Damn it, who left ass bunnies on the toilet seat?"
by Habeeb March 23, 2008
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The fuzzies you get in your ass crack from your underwear (or lack there of).
Bill: Hey bro, what's happening?
Reggie: Not much, just picking my assbunnies.
Bill: Man I hate assbunnies. I one time had an assbunny that was the size of a marble.
by AliceBobCarol October 11, 2011
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(Noun) the pieces of cotton from underwear trapped in your between your ass cheeks
"I was gonna eat the booty but she had ass bunnies!"

"After a hard practice kyle can't help getting ass bunnies"
by The Sloppy Hobo August 02, 2016
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