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A sexual term, closely related to the angry unicorn.

It requires one person to strap two dildos to his/her head, one smaller than the other, while partner spreads her legs wide. Person with dildos strapped to head (rhinoceros) charges headfirst angrily into the receivers vagina and anus.
My girl wanted to go on a safari, but I told that bitch it's too expensive, and instead gave her the Angry Rhinoceros. Although now she can't walk right, it was quite cost effective.
by Habeeb August 29, 2007

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To assemble or fix something using very crude manners.
Stems from the words 'Nigga' and 'rig'.
'Nigga' representing one who is most likely black and lives in the ghetto, although not used racistly in this definition.
'Rig' representing how you fixed something (i rigged that up good.)

Niggarig is a very versatile word.

it can also mean something that has been assembled using crude or ghetto techniques.
for example:

To assemble a television antenna using only aluminum foil and tooth picks.

To fix a broken video game controller by duct taping it.

To apply super glue to a broken drinking glass.

used as verb or noun. Perhaps used as an adjective or pronoun if you can figure that one out (the author of this is not an english major).
"I niggarigged my computer to make it work last night"

"Man, that car is a complete niggarig."

"God damn Aaron, Yo bike is strait up niggarigged."

by Habeeb May 05, 2006

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Adj. Describes anything pertaining to a thug existence. Created completely on accident, and generaly used when talking about the Grand Theft Auto video game series.
Peep1: "Damn I just popped some caps in dem fools asses in GTA San Andreas fo' sho'!!1"
Peep2: "Wow, thats some hardcore thugery right there man..."
by Habeeb December 22, 2006

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Little clumps of hair and fecal matter that reside in your rectal regions.
"Damn it, who left ass bunnies on the toilet seat?"
by Habeeb March 23, 2008

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That kind of feeling you get after eating a little too much pudding.
Gee Garrett, that massive bowl of pudding made me pretty pudding sick.
by Habeeb January 31, 2008

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A large jumble of utter bullshit that doesn't make any sense.

Coined by a struggling calculus student while watching the teacher solve a second derivative problem.

It is used when looking at calculus or physics homework, or when looking at a horrible drawing.
"Let me see your calc homework mate...
oh man nevermind, that's a complete mess of shit."

"greg that drawing of garrett is a mess of shit."
by Habeeb October 01, 2007

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The act of making sex, having sex, or getting down and dirty.
Yea, we got home last night n' did the bone dance.
by Habeeb June 26, 2006

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