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The sprinkling of brown stained toilet paper left on the seat after a vigorous wiping.
Other than the oil slicks left in the porcelain bowl, the flurry of ass confetti left on the seat was a sure sign something violent happened in here.
by TRex⚡️ May 22, 2016
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When diarrhea comes out in multi-colored flecks.
"I forgot to take my lactaid before I had that smoothie and ended up with ass confetti."
by Potamus July 27, 2006
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An explosive Shart rich in texture. This happens to people with hi-fiber diets. Bonus for identifiable matter I.E. corn, peanuts, carrots, peas, rubber bands etc.
During my juicing cleanse I Sharted in the shower spraying the wall with Ass-confetti. My wife couldn't understand why there was corn in the drain.
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by Nixtime March 23, 2017
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