A Man obsessed with the female (or male if one is gay) buttocks. ant: Breast Man
by Erik S Taylor February 05, 2005
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Guess who the new Ass Man is?
Look who just got promoted to Ass Man.
by chernobylspice December 10, 2003
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License plate that Kramer received accidentally on an episode of Seinfeld. It was supposed to go to a proctologist. He uses it to park in a reserved spot for doctors and gets caught by the man it was supposed to belong to.
Cosmo Kramer, the "ass man"
by Urban Dictionary March 27, 2005
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Natis Homo Erectus. The Quintessential horndog seeing that the buttocks are the rawest form of pleasure for male homo sapiens. It is reminiscent of our ancestral past when most of us would exclusively have nasty in and out from the back since the vagina was turned pointing to the back. That is, until the dawn of bipedalism in which evolution not only changed the orientation of the female vagina (pointing down), but also (and some interpret this as a mistake of evolution) forced the male to now face his potential mate-for-eternity and communicate through sweaty and embarrassing facial expressions that would otherwise be a sign of constipation in polite society.
Dude #1 - "dude man, look at the size of that ass! damn! fuck yeah! you know I wanna..... (and other ancestral hoots and hollers)"

Gentleman - "dude, your such an ass-man. You're disgusting. You have no idea if she wiped or not"

Dude #1 - "(more ancestral hoots and hollers)"
by thequalifier October 04, 2010
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another name for a man of homosexual nature. Usually said in a surprised fashion
Julian: I saw dean and christian in bed together last night
Pat: Ass Man!
by Paddyo October 11, 2007
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