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Someone who gives every appearance of being homosexual, but is in fact heterosexual. A fauxmosexual male may display metrosexual attention to hygiene, style, and culture, have an effeminate speech pattern or display effeminate behavoir in gesticulation and mannerism, and/or give the basic impression of being gay. A faumosexual female may be fairly butch in appearance and style, display a militant feminist ("feminazi") attitude toward men, or show strong proclivities toward Lilith Fair or other female empowerment. These are the people you "just know" are gay, but who seem to show proof to the contrary.
People say that Tom Cruise is gay, but I think he's just a fauxmosexual.

I work with this guy who wears nuthugger jeans and talks with a total San Fran lisp, but apparently he's not actually a fag; he's just a fauxmosexual.

I totally thought Liz was a dyke because of her shaved head and leather, but I met her boyfriend yesterday. Talk about textbook fauxmosexual.
by Talmanes December 26, 2005
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a person who pretends or falsely represents him/herself as a homosexual to either:
a) gain attention from the opposite sex
b) make money and short fame
c) take advantage of those who are homosexual
a) Sarah and Vivian had a threesome with a man they met at a bar after they acted as fauxmosexuals and kissed each other.
b) The group t.A.T.u were fauxmosexuals back in 2002 and attended every award show to kiss again on stage.
c) Katy had to become a fauxmosexual to be accepted in a LGBTQ community.
by kellys2deryck January 08, 2009
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A man who acts gay just to pick up chicks. Typically this is a last resort.
Jerome: Dang,son! How does Kyle get so many fine birds? He's gay!

Keith: Naw man! Kyle is a grade-A fauxmosexual!
by Jake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! February 07, 2010
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1. n - a straight man/boy, who puts on the affectation of gayness to get attention and affection from gay boys, with the underhanded goal of attracting girls. While this may include some of the elements of metrosexuality, such as fashion, and pampering, it is more concerned with mannerisms, and body language, and tastes associated with, and directed toward, gay men.

(see also: fauxmo, fauxmophobic, fag hag)
Johnny is such a fauxmosexual, look at the way he's dancing to Cher.
by pedro calhoun February 24, 2004
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A man who acts like a homosexual in order to appear more interesting to women.
Oliver always has a limp wrist when chicks are a round, he is such a fauxmo.
by Jonez Cold July 18, 2003
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Of, relating to, or having a sexual orientation to persons of the same sex in order to be seen as cool or hip in todays gay-obsessed world.

a man or woman posing as a homosexual for social acceptance.
the kid at the party wasnt really gay, but wanted to be popular with all the indie kids so for the night he was a fauxmosexual
by eric frank April 19, 2005
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adj. Someone who acts a bit gay to get the attention of the opposite sex. Predetory and pre-maditated, one plays on the intrigue of a stranger by flirting a bit camply(if male) to get the female interested then revealing, (much later) that they are not. Female then relieved. Allows outragous flirting from man with little or now risk of slap of turn of back.
Harry is such a Fauxmo; look at him with that girl. She has no idea!
by will h January 13, 2005
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