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A mythical creature, friendly in nature, who comes to visit one several hours after one consumes spicy foods - making one's butthole feel as though it were shooting out fire while one defecates. The Ass Dragon's friendly, playful nature often makes him want to hang out for hours, sometimes hiding for a little while, peek-a-boo-style.
One more jalapeño slice would just be inviting the Ass Dragon and I don't have time to have my ass feel like it's on fire every hour tomorrow as I am addressing the Supreme Court in a very important case.
by Muhammed Shibaz Moqito October 10, 2014
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When one gives themself an everclear enema and then squirt it out while lighting it on fire.
"That guy can do a totally rad ass dragon. It's like that part in Revenge of the Nerds except a whole lot sexier."
by Herschel Quintron December 29, 2003
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People who are assholes but who wear out the word so much you must get creative using hense "assdragon"... also may be substituted with "assdumpling" and/or "asspuppet"
Shut up you friggin assdragon
by jenn July 05, 2003
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a semi-mythical creature, often seen in industrialized areas of the world. in common with other dragons, the ass dragon is a winged creature, but due to its extra-large posterior, it is incapable of flight (sometimes it is incapable of walking up stairs.) anywhere it walks it leaves a set of deep, broad, round furrows caused by its buttocks cheeks scraping the ground due to exhaustion after a long day's work. as well as belching fire from its snout, the ass dragon often releases noxious fumes from deep within its rear end.

outside the old factory, you can still see the ass dragon's tracks, usually filled with rainwater and colored dyes, and sometimes, after a rainstorm, one can catch the scent of sulfurous compounds emanating from the center of the tracks.
by earpuller October 20, 2007
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A Dragon who loves to look at one another’s asses
The Dragon Flew down and smacked another dragon on the ass which is why ones self is called an AssDragon
by Eavie_Moons192018 August 18, 2018
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A professional pervert ( and proud of it ) who takes 1000's of great pictures and shares them with the world.
We got those great nudie pics from Assdragon on his website
by D.Jefford August 07, 2006
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