One who sticks his choo choo in the rear tunnel. Going up the hershey highway.
I missed the pussy and became an ass bandit.
by Dave F December 11, 2003
A person who plugs holes when the soap is dropped.
#1 Ben the ass bandit plugged Steve's hole as he bend over to pick up a tool.
by Guy Diesel January 17, 2006
From the Oxford English Dictionary:

ass ban•dit
noun - vulgar slang (also ass burglar)
1. a male homosexual sodomite or pederast.
2. an eager seducer of young women
1. NAMbLA is composed entirely of ass bandits.
2. Carl, the 40-year-old man with a handlebar mustache and a receding hairline, is a creepy fucking ass bandit.
by lovesmesumcake August 21, 2008
A flaming fag that thinks he can swipe or rip off a piece of man bootie.
"hey Queer, let go of my ass!~! because I know you werent reaching for my wallet!"
by Skinny Pimp November 12, 2003
An Ass Bandit, is a overly homo-sexual who loves to be on the short end of the leash.
by Sido94 July 1, 2009
One of "Egg-Head"'s many alias given to him by his students.
"Egg-Head"'s an ass bandit.
by Roze Equinoxx September 29, 2004