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One who sticks his choo choo in the rear tunnel. Going up the hershey highway.
I missed the pussy and became an ass bandit.
by Dave F December 11, 2003
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Whenever making a congratulatory remark, this is what you say. Made popular by Kamala Harris when she and Joe Biden won the presidency.
Sam: Wow, I can’t believe we just won that relay race!
Cat: we did it Joe 😭😭
by Zozogabobo December 04, 2020
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A person who plugs holes when the soap is dropped.
#1 Ben the ass bandit plugged Steve's hole as he bend over to pick up a tool.
by Guy Diesel January 17, 2006
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1. derogatory term for a homosexual male, similar to fag
2. a straight man with a predilection for anal sex
3. a person who engages in deliberately nasty, hostile and contentious behavior designed to provoke and intimidate others

-related forms
ass banditry, adverb
1. "God hates ass bandits."
2. "Ew, he's an ass bandit???"
3. "That ass bandit called my mobile seventeen times last night because he knew I was on a date. That kind of ass-banditry is the reason I dumped his sorry ass in the first place."
by Ming Merciless October 27, 2007
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Noah Sayres.
Noah is an ass bandit for not coming up with any new terms to use!
by Helga the Duck March 25, 2009
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