A series of dance-like jumping motions made when a person has just been caught lip-syncing live on national television.
Ashlee heard her own voice singing, even though she wasn't, so she decided to do a hoe-down.
by Unidentified February 10, 2005
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Miley Cyrus falling down that mountain she's trying to climb. A.K.A there is now a Hoe down.
by Emma1211 December 5, 2010
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A hoe down is an action that can either be a ho (hoe) falling or the folk dance of western hillbilies. usualy dances in a square or an unorganized mob of people.
1)That there hoe down was sure fun Billy Joe. (<--hilbily talk)

2)The gun went off and then there was a hoe down, she landed right on her face.
by kitkat^_- May 11, 2006
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When you slap a bitch so hard, that hoe falls down.
if she dont give me a stanley steamer tonight, that bitch gonna catch a hoe down.
by Brent A! December 5, 2008
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In the game Yahtzee, all five dice displaying the same number is a Yahtzee. When someone get's 3 Yahtzees in one game of Yahtzee, it's called a hoe down. (Similar to 3 strikes in bowling being called a Turkey )
*rolls dice* Yahtzee! Again! That's the third one this game!

Dude, you just got a HOE DOWN!!
by GSW4Lyfe June 13, 2013
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When you push one of your friends over then shout "HOE DOWN"
We were walking to the club, then Stacy pushed Ashley over and shouted "Hoe Down"
by PrincxssB June 16, 2015
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in the restaurant industry, when you cut a hostess, or send a hostess home for the night.
Its eight o'clock, lets get a hoe down
by grasshopper978 November 10, 2010
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