The act of sitting in circle while smoking pot.
Made famous by that 70's show when the actors would sit in a circle while acting high and spouting random things
eric- "kelso there is no crying in the circle
by Drue B. July 23, 2006
A polygon with an infinite amount of sides. Also, a set of all points all equidistant from the center.
What are you studying in Geometry?
I am studying circles!
by david faustino May 9, 2012
A name for the anarchist symbol of an A surrounded by a circle. Often misused by teens as a symbol for smashing things up.
"Hey look someone drew a circle-a on that building. Awesome!"
by Anarchy is Order March 21, 2004
a wonderful form of lesbian sex, or even masturbation. but mostly lesbian sex.
In the L Word, it is what Papi does to Alice to make her so so OH OH!! HAPPY!! She loves those circles.
by Lezzie February 12, 2007
Small group of tight friends. The Circle is extremely hard to get into. People envy The Circle, as they should. It's better to be on the inside.
Denise is banned from The Circle forever.
by Minnylou January 15, 2008
A circle is like a wanna be oval. Its not as cool because its wider and rolls normally.
Man, my tyres are all lame circles. I wish they were ovals so I'd look cooler while riding down the street in my low rider.
by i_am_meridian July 3, 2011