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A tall, gorgeous girl who is sweet and an awesome friend. She isn't exactly popular but more of a roamer. Guys don't always ask her out, but they think in their minds that she is hot! An Ashlan has gorgeouss eyes and smile. She mostly thinks of herself as a plain girl when she really isn't. An Ashlan is extremely athletic and really smartt. She has no idea that in high school, she'll be a total babe.
Guy 1: Woah that girl is gorgeous
Guy 2: I heard she is really athletic
Guy 1: I bet her name is Ashlan.
by Apple99 September 01, 2009
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A really funny guy/girl that's really chill and everybody loves. Is outgoing and has a positive look on everything and does their own thing
Wow I love Jack he's so funny and chill such a Ashlan
by Fjgjff March 31, 2017
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Ashlan is a male/female that thinks he/she is very ugly but certain people have there opinions. An Ashlan is usually very athletic and loves aggressive sports, although Ashlan can be aggressive from time to time, when you need an Ashlan the most he/she will be there for you and can hold a secret.
Omg Ashlan is very good at sports.
I would be lucky to have an Ashlan!
by Gutchimane January 11, 2018
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A short beautiful girl who is self-conscious. She is funny and smart. She also is religious. Ashlan is a good singer but doesn't believe people when they tell her.
She is smart, she must be an Ashlan
by Cucumber1573 May 03, 2018
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An ugly girl who thinks she's hot. She's fake, and she's always someone's rebound. No one likes her because she's annoying.
I hate her, she must be an Ashlan.
by Mydickisshort April 13, 2016
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