Somkebody who has hooked up with 92% of his female peers; a manwhore. Especially attentive to those in middle school.
"He is such an Asa, sleeping with all of those eighth graders."
by Anonymous June 01, 2003
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A gimpy litlle mother fucker who hits on all the girls and leaves none for me that rotten scumbag.
Asa stole the love of my life, Hallie. You son of a bitch. (Tiffer)
by Tiffer Hansen May 28, 2004
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There is a common misconception that Asa is just a name, but it actually is an acronym that stands for many things such as, after school activity, american ,sailing, association, or my personal favorite, ANAL SNEAK ATTACK
I would just really love if you would give me a quick refreshing Asa
by Conrad Johnson June 24, 2017
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Someone who is a thot/hoe/slut and loves dick and will do anything to get some.
You're such an Asa!
by QueenTxx March 11, 2017
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Aspen Stoners Accosiation

the group of high school/college and other young adults who live in Aspen, Colorado and who are stoners.

They smoke a lot of marijuana, any one belonging to ASA most likely smokes ganj every single day.
by mary jane 92 December 26, 2007
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I person who smells really bad, or like poop.
Dude that guy smells like an Asa.
by CyberSpecter November 15, 2017
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