He is better than you, and he knows it! :)
by Asoul April 12, 2005
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Tagalog(Philippines) word meaning "hope". Mostly used as an offensive expression - by people who think they are winners to those they think are losers. Used as a pun, a joke, an excuse and a common expression.

Gamer's lingo: You wish.
Foreigner: Where do I find this place? (points to the map that he is holding)
Pinoy: Asa!


Gamer: Hahaha, you lose!
Pinoy: Noob! Asa!
by almoo7 May 28, 2006
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Drunken girl w/ hand on your knee: Im having a party for 2 at my place. You are invited.

You: Um.... your drunk.

Drunk Girl: Your Sexy. Lets have sex. I like sexy time time with you.

You avoid eye contact and try to escape her ASA
by joeymaree January 18, 2009
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Film speed rating. (American Standards Association)
All-purpose film is 400 ASA.
by audiozer0 April 14, 2004
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Short for 'awesome' and inspired by cartman. ASA is pronounced 'ahh-saaa' ... kinda like a retard would say it. ASA is also shortened for use in text messages and IMs. ASA can also be spelled lower-case (i.e. asa)

synonyms: great, excellent, impressive, fascinating, incredible, marvelous, shocking, stunning, surprising, unbelievable, wonderful, breathtaking.
That donkey show was fucking ASA!

Want to go smoke some of that ASA chronic you just got in the mail?
by travsb14 July 28, 2010
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A gimpy litlle mother fucker who hits on all the girls and leaves none for me that rotten scumbag.
Asa stole the love of my life, Hallie. You son of a bitch. (Tiffer)
by Tiffer Hansen May 28, 2004
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