Somkebody who has hooked up with 92% of his female peers; a manwhore. Especially attentive to those in middle school.
"He is such an Asa, sleeping with all of those eighth graders."
by Anonymous June 01, 2003
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Aspen Stoners Accosiation

the group of high school/college and other young adults who live in Aspen, Colorado and who are stoners.

They smoke a lot of marijuana, any one belonging to ASA most likely smokes ganj every single day.
by mary jane 92 December 26, 2007
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someone that thinks they're a BOSS
ASA acronym for Anti someone Alliance
sam thinks he is a BOSS, wanna join my crew ASA ?
(Anti Sam Alliance)
by she's a cunt September 08, 2010
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One who enjoys ducklings, middle schoolers, long walks on the beach and new ducklings. His birthday is Friday.
Who is that boy in the chicken suit chasing that 12 yr old? He's, he's ASA.
by Anonymous June 17, 2003
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a bunch of hoodrats that's only function in life is to suck dick and bang as many guys as possible
by Max Ziel January 14, 2004
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Acronym short for Asterisk sigh asterisk, or *sigh*. Can be said instead of actually exhaling, but more suitably used in online chat rooms.
Guy A:I just paid $50 for something I just found out is worth $10. Fuck!
by andyrb10 June 23, 2009
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