1. A failure at life, one who most laugh at.

2. The guy who you bring camping with you, because you know the bear will catch him first.

3. Another definition for noob, directed to people who fail at stuff.

Can be used as an adj. or noun.
Gamer: Man I just got HS'd by that sniper.
Sniper: ASA! Lol.
by Smuk November 15, 2007
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anonym exposing a certain club in southwest louisiana called Ape Suit Army
yea! that's right #@$^#! I got my ape suit on! ASA mofucko!
by T Gizzle April 03, 2006
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1. The whiny, fat kid from Bug Juice 3: Brush Ranch, on the Disney Channel.
2. To act like a whiny, fat kid.
1. Kerry: Did you see Bug Juice last night?
Devon: Yeah, that Asa kid needs to get punched in the face.

2. Devon: But I want to play Battleship too, guys!
Brock: Fuck you, Devon. Stop being such an Asa.
by Carmen June 14, 2006
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Another name for the common drug Tylenol.
Guy "I think im having a heart attack?"

Woman "oh I better grab the ASA!"

Guy "oh thanks, I am sure I will feel better in a few min."

Woman "No you won't, I just gave you Cyanide."
by BlitzK22 August 26, 2008
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Young British actor that stars in Hugo and The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. He loves electronic music and has a reputation for turning half the older girls on tumblr into paedophiles. He is also noted for his gorgeous blue eyes and is often considered a more attractive Elijah Wood because of it, he has also been used as a young Benedict Cumberbatch. His name is pronounced A-SUH NOT AH-SAH.
girls: Oh my gosh Asa Butterfield.....HIS EYES!! I'M GOING TO DIE!!!
by isarobot April 09, 2012
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The most beautiful Asian porn star in the world. The looks alone make you want to make her your wife and devote your life to pleasing her. Her perfect breasts alone are the best in the world.
Asa Akira came over today and I gladly went down on her for hours on end.
by AsaAkira_sex February 26, 2011
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the strangest person in the world with VERY frizzy curly hair and shoe sizes that change weekly. he plays drums like a madman and has a dad that looks just like him. his greatest enemy is flint because flint wants to get in bed with him. an asa wochatz is also a skateboarder favoring skate spots that have a large gap. he will ollie it first try not always very tweaked but very solid. has many mood swings and hes a german
dude i just ollied a 30 stair im such an asa wochatz
by bobby the shaith May 12, 2009
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