1. A failure at life, one who most laugh at.

2. The guy who you bring camping with you, because you know the bear will catch him first.

3. Another definition for noob, directed to people who fail at stuff.

Can be used as an adj. or noun.
Gamer: Man I just got HS'd by that sniper.
Sniper: ASA! Lol.
by Smuk November 15, 2007
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anonym exposing a certain club in southwest louisiana called Ape Suit Army
yea! that's right #@$^#! I got my ape suit on! ASA mofucko!
by T Gizzle April 03, 2006
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1. The whiny, fat kid from Bug Juice 3: Brush Ranch, on the Disney Channel.
2. To act like a whiny, fat kid.
1. Kerry: Did you see Bug Juice last night?
Devon: Yeah, that Asa kid needs to get punched in the face.

2. Devon: But I want to play Battleship too, guys!
Brock: Fuck you, Devon. Stop being such an Asa.
by Carmen June 14, 2006
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That one guy who acts straight but is sectretly gay and practices butt stuff with his dog
My freind is an asa
by Soggybloowaffle January 19, 2019
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A depressed fat piece of shit. Makes every situation awkward, because he has no real friend and hangs around with people who show any interest in him at all. Has a serious case of dwarfism, and gets butthurt when people take the piss out of him. All round cunt and always forgets his Art folder. Obsessed with Ariana Grande. He literally has a shrine with candles and posters and that in his room and dreams about her.
Me. Asa is me.
via giphy
by Fagrid December 11, 2019
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A guy who thinks he can get any chick he wants but really he likes gay buttsecks... truely he wished to pull an angry dragon on your father and be off with it... often you can see an Asa wanting to be with somebody but are too depressed so nobody likes them
Guy 1: Hey dude whats wrong?
Guy 2: She doesn't love me!!
Guy 1: shut up you're such an asa
by Ownburger April 22, 2009
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