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The awakening persona in persona 5, he was based on Arsene Lupin, the last gentleman thief that ever lived. He has big black wings and wears red clothes. When Joker first uses a persona, his face starts burning with blue flames and arsene is summoned behind him.

Arsene resembles the rebel soul within joker, and is also the persona used with Joker in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, granting him many boosts.

In Tarot cards, Arsene is of the Fool Tarot, which can be maxed out with Igor's confidant.
"hey are you, ugh, fine?"

"I'm cosplaying as Joker"
"You are just in uniform..."
"Exactly... EIHAGAON!"

"What is your favorite persona?"
"Arsene of course!"
"Mine is Mara, have you seen what it looks like?"
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by onceasushiones September 25, 2019
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