Arroyo cactus (Catacallis Covillei) is a member of the cactaceae, characterized by dusty brown skin and bright lavender flowers. Found in desert regions of North and Central America, the arroyo cactus is most likely found in dry creeks, washes with severe erosion.

Known also as Washbaby, Dog Ditch Dweller, Dirt Trapper.

Unlike its cousin the barrel cactus, the arroyo is a non fruit producing cacti, who's bloom serve purely for ornamentation.

Due to over cultivation of land in it's principle growing areas, the Arroyo has suffered a dramatic decline in the last century. Botanists from the Lomax-Kurshberg Institute are attempting to produce healthy Arroyo specimens within artificial conditions.
Arroyo, cactus, Lomax-Kurshberg, Washbaby, psych!
by Wei Go Tyu, PhD PhuL O.B.S. August 18, 2010
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the gayest dorm on stanford campus. full of hypocrites, hippies, douchebags, and pussies. the bitches can't afford to be stuck-up because they're ugly as hell, yet somehow they are. the guys are guys in so far as they have empty sacks where their balls used to be. the most unreal place on the face of the earth.

synonyms: film actors guild of america (f.a.g.), george michael's bedsheets, hell, brokeback.
1. fuck, my ass hurts. i wish i had used more lube when i was in arroyo last night.
2. oh shit, i've been assigned to live in arroyo?! my ass is really gonna hurt for the next 9 months.
3. i like to: speak with fake british accents, see the vagina monologues, randomly sing gay songs, not mind my own business, pretend to be something i'm not, and get ass-raped everyday. why yes, i am from arroyo! how'd you guess?
by TheRealMan February 18, 2006
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A small town in San Luis Obispo county that is free from the living on the streets beaner infested Santa Maria, the totally stuck up Bros in San Luis, and the wannabe gangster cornfed hicks from Atascadero and Paso Robles. Shares a pretty peaceful coalition with Grover, Shell, Avila, and Pismo Beach as a humble and gorgeous town with a kick ass, world renowned Olympic Gold Medal winning Shotput and Discus squad.
"Hey didn't that Olympic Gold Medalist Stephanie Brown come from Arroyo Grande?"

"Yeah, good thing too. At any other place she would have been on the streets or getting a farmers tan in Santa Maria or Atascadero."
by Atownslobrosstfu April 15, 2009
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The sexiest person of them all. A Jasmine is really outgoing and super fun to be around. They are all very honest. Most Jasmines are into Spanish people. And are obsessed with social networking.
Damn that Jasmine Arroyo is looking fine today.
by ohsnappsimones April 20, 2013
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Ricardo Arroyo is the most amazing person on this planet! He will always be their for when you need him. He never let's you down. Even tho sometimes he can piss you off he will still be their no matter what happens!
Hey look isn’t that Ricardo Arroyo passing by!
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The least diverse town in San Luis Obispo County. 17,000 residents in 2010 and they're all white people. Used to be a really cool place in the early-1990s and late-1980s, but now it is unexciting and just boring. Mostly middle-class, but there are upper-middle class and affluent neighborhoods north of the 101.

There are few activities available in Arroyo Grande which has made a majority of the teenagers in this town doing a variety of drugs on a weekly basis. The teenagers in Arroyo Grande are mainly douchebags/sluts/drug addicts. Most graduate from AGHS and pursue their lives elsewhere, since they have been culture-starved for 18 years.

The cost of housing here is almost as high as San Luis Obispo. $500,000 will get you a 1-story three bedroom house less than 2,000 square feet, and it costs more closer to the ocean. And for what? There's seriously nothing interesting here except for the beach.

The few college students here, who haven't moved elsewhere for some odd reason, seem to be regretting staying here since all they do is yell obscenities at frightened children on the streets and frequent the bustdown liquor stores run by Oceano residents.

It might be cool to move here if you're an old person, but your children will resent it.
Oh, I know Lindsay! She's the typical Arroyo Grande teenage girl. She pops pills and gives blowjobs to the penis garden that accumulates in her room on weekends.
by n1gg4n1gg4n1gg4n1gg4n1gg4 January 3, 2012
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Jordan Arroyos(born April 20, 2009) is an American actor and online personality.
Jordan Arroyos is my spirit animal.
by Quoro February 2, 2021
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