A man who is a decent person, and has supported many of the public interests in California. However, he has failed in the same place Grey Davis did. He has done nothing new to balance the budget. He merely took many loans, and somehow the intelligent californias are none-the-wiser.
Arnold Schwarzenegger: They are GIRLI MEN
by John Smith January 04, 2005
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The current governor of California. Republican; yet more liberal than average, making him more popular with the people than the average republican in left-wing California.

He's relentlessly criticized and attacked by the messed-up teacher's unions for "taking money away from the schools," when in fact he did not anything away at all. He simply did not pay them as much as what they are used to getting, which may be a good thing.

The commercials and attack ads against him are claiming to be in favor of helping with the students' needs, but in reality it just a way for the teachers to get people to help them satisfy their greed. It's not about the students... it's the money.

The teacher unions are also against Schwarzenegger's plan for paying the teachers based on performance. Don't you think bad teachers should be paid less than good ones?

Please people, you all claim that Schwarzenegger isn't helping with the budget crisis, but do you know why he doesn't seem to be helping? BECAUSE OF THE WORKERS AND TEACHERS UNIONS! The special-interest groups are in fact an obstacle in the way of solving the budget problem. By supporting them, you are just screwing California even more!

Trust me, if Gray Davis was still the governor, we would be a lot worse off.
Though I am a republican, I generally respect democrats' opinions, if they are intelligent, that is. I expect this definition to be voted down by blind liberal fools who won't even consider stopping and hearing what some of us have to say. If you actually stop to think about what's written above, you might understand the logic. Or you may not. Oh well, thanks for reading.

I, for one, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but I loathe George W. Bush.
by no7orious September 29, 2005
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Governor of California. Does the voice of 'McBain' in the Simpsons
Wimpy Democrat: You don't have a clue about politics, do you?
Arnie: Shaaat aaap you puny little maaan

Reporter: What are you going to do about LA's crime rate?
Arnies: Uzi's for everywaaan!!
by Rambo March 13, 2004
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connan o'brien:so tell me mr. governer, what do you plan to do about the fiscal crisis
arnold: i dont know... ive never been in a movie about a fiscal crisis. is it something i can blow away with a bazooka?
by pat-0-rama December 10, 2003
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My friend Sam Shriver's (nephew of Maria Shriver, Arnolds wife)uncle!
"He has the most awsome house and a hummer in almost ever color"! - Sam
by only the coolest girl March 24, 2005
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Largely (no pun intended) inept governor of California. He rode into that position easily as he was a multimillionaire hollywood star (what qualifications!!)up against the corrupt gray davis, and then barely won in re-election because his fading star appeals to the fading brains of California voters. He has had many great achievments in life that's true, but now his influence, and everything else that he symbolizes, is waning. The sport that he once popularized, for instance, is also losing popularity and becoming a parody of itself as the contenders get increasingly aethetically unpleasant, lack good symmetry, disproportioned, etc.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was quite a go-getter in his time but now his star is fading. Oh well--the culture moves on.
by shealee March 21, 2009
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A republican booby toucher, movie star, egg target, and Hitler lover.
Arnold grabbed my breast and humiliated me. For some reason I waited an entire decade and decided to mention that now!
by Brestin McBoobersons October 03, 2003
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