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A really hot clothing line sold in stores like Nieman Marcus, Saks 5th Avenue, and Bloomingdales. They are famous for thier track suits which are separates that come in skirts, hoodies, cropped hoodies, capris, shorts and pants. They come in a variety of colors and terry cloth, fleece or velour. Only hot girls wear juicy!!!
hey margaret! I went to Neiman's yesterday and got this really hot juicy sweat shirt!
by only the coolest girl March 22, 2005
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the best activity ever invented. depending on the store you can get some great stuff. the prices of the stuff varies. you can buy clothes, makeup, cars, groceries, accesories, furniture etc!
i went shopping today and got some really cute outfits!
by only the coolest girl March 21, 2005
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only the best friggin song ever (props to the crime mob)! and thanks nick santarlasci for teaching it to us!
by only the coolest girl March 26, 2005
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My friend Sam Shriver's (nephew of Maria Shriver, Arnolds wife)uncle!
"He has the most awsome house and a hummer in almost ever color"! - Sam
by only the coolest girl March 25, 2005
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abercrombie and fitch- est. 1892, A+F is a really great store. alot of people dont like it simply because they cant afford it. being a fashion lover my self, i happen to know that vintage is in. vintage is the main style at A+F. other people dont like it because they say that it is rascist. well on abercrombie.com you will see a mix of white, black, and mixed models. also i persomally am black and one of my cousins work there so there is no reason to hate something because you cant afford it (just go to the outlet because that's were my cousin works and you can get pants for $15.90 as much as you pay a cheap ass K-Mart and skirts for $6.90).
i just went to A+F and got this really cute mini!
by only the coolest girl March 22, 2005
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A cheap prep wanna be store were you can find polos with multi colored butterflies and little girls that think they are mature. they all buy little skorts because there mom won't let them wear mini skirts. the store is like a cross between Abercrombie, American Eagle and Limited Too. I dont know how they managed to do that.
Amanda "Where did you get that polo with that wierd butterfly on it?!"
Rachel "Aeropostale!"
by only the coolest girl March 25, 2005
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