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Arn is a hallucinogenic drug obtained from extracting

DXM from cough medicines and dissolving the crystals in a Ritalin/Isopropyl solution and re-evaporated..

Arn can be Insufflated, but the most common practice is orally, although it is sometimes Injected.

Arn is a Dissociative Anesthetic/Hallucinogen, whose psychedelic effects are similar to PCP or ketamine,
however, it contains an Amphetamine, so people often feel like they're rolling balls on MDMA.
"I was so high on Arn last night, that i couldn't figure out where my feet were!"
by Beatsemeisje20 March 15, 2012
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1.The name of the most 1337 friend ever.
2.Short for "You are god"
3.The person who turned your mother upside down last night.
1.Ralph: " ARRRRRRRRN!!!"
Arn: "Yo."

2.Ralph: "ARRRRRN!!!"
Arn: "End your life."

3.Random person: "My mother says her
pelvis hurts..."
Ralph: "ARRRRRRRN!!!"
by .:LYB:. Ace April 06, 2005
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1. v. tr. to iron
2. n. a device to straighten fabric using steam and heat.
Your clothes go in the warsher, where they go through agitation, rinch cycle, and spin cycle, then they go in the dryer. After that, you arn them that needs to be arned, but be careful not to leave the arn sitting on anything too long, or you might rurn your clothes.
by fizzle April 22, 2004
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Short for A Real Nigga, someone who completely owns in a given situation, i.e. spanking that ass in online gaming.
Man, that guy is ARN...he's destroying the competition.
by Elvis Morocco April 18, 2011
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"Arboreal roadway notch" is a common and ubiquitous feature in urban areas, where trees along the roadside have been "cut or trimmed" to allow traffic to pass without scratching or damaging cars and trucks.
The unnatural appearance of Arns is especially noticeable in areas of the city that have a lot of trees.
by Frank Le October 22, 2014
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pernounced as its spelt ARN with soft emphasis on the "N"

so this word is derived from the 2 words "ALRIGHT than" and mainly short formed to "ARN"

originally just a lazy way out of the convo sorta speak but has now excelled into daily vocab.
"yo, u wanna hit the club 7 this saturday??"

"Arn, sounds good bro"

"Arn, peace"
by KaC Himself January 06, 2010
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