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A guy with a huge cock and pretty blue eyes in wich you'd drown in. He's a hottie
Wow that's an Arne passing by
by Chloé January 07, 2004
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A guy with a great sense of humor but often lacking a flirtation system for his words. His pretty blonde hair and green/blue eyes will make you instantly fall in love with him. Growing up in a financially steady home has made him financially unaware and thus shows his love for you by giving you things instead of showing you the love. He wants everyone to be happy even though he can be racist at times. In general he could be the most amazing guy and definitely worth spending your time with. Hes also a gym fanatic and has really attractive muscles and looks good shirtless.
Susan: How was your night last night?
Bob: Great, it went down as any Arné's night would.
by Kitten25 December 28, 2015
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A name used alot at The Gathering. One person yells "Arne" and then the rest of the ship yells it in waves.
A tradition in TG since 2001.
Person 1: "ARNE!"
Person 2-1016: "ARNE!"
Person 1017-3000: "ARNE!"
Person 3001-5000: "ARNE!"
by Charvhug March 24, 2008
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the name of a very pretty species of females, commonly has blonde hair and blue eyes and originated in sweden.
Look at that pretty girl! I bet her name is Arné

It's weird that that guy's name is Arné! I thought that name was copyrighted for the hottest girls in the world!

Arné has such cute boobs!
by lassywondergirl May 02, 2010
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